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This year we aim to make our SU more lively and active. Here at Huddersfield Students’ Union we’ve got the best knowledge to improve your studying experience.

Here at Huddersfield SU we offer free advice including academic related advice. We’re here to support you in multiple ways.



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Get Support

It’s easy to get stressed when you’re in a new environment. Our Advice Centre can help with that. Our Ease Your Mind programme is dedicated to making sure you’re at your best.

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Study spots

We’d like to introduce you to your new best friend at university: the Library! Good thing they’re our best friend too! Even if you don’t want to go in person, there are so many online resources you can use either from home or in one of our favourite on or off campus study spots. On a nice day, students love sitting by the canal, but in September it might be a bit gloomy for that. There are so many great coffee shops a short walk from campus where you’ll be able to get your study on.

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Academic Societies

If you’re fully dedicated to studying, did you know we have a whole host of Academic Societies? They’re all free and you’ll be auto-enrolled from day 1! There’s so better way to meet classmates, organise study groups and get ahead.

Academic Societies
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Sports are a great way to improve your concentration in the classroom and we have loads to choose from. We have team sports like netball and football you can join with mates. But if you prefer to go solo, you could try something like archery, it’s sure to improve your focus!


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