You wanna get stuck in, but also make friends and maintain your grades, right?

We’ve got your back. If you’re looking for a well-rounded experience here in Huddersfield, we’ve got a bit of everything for you!

Throwback Thursday – Laser Tag and Actual Reality Arcade

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Throwback Thursday – Bingo Party

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Make a Difference

From joining a Student Network, to running in our Elections, we can support you in your campaigns.

Let’s do it!
Four people enjoying beer on bench outside a bar


Sure, events are a little different this year, but it simply wouldn’t be Fresher’s without a bit of a party! Explore Huddersfield and learn new skills with our Give it a Go events, relax and make new friends in student accommodation and live it up and forget your worries with a great soundtrack.

FRAG (gaming) Society

Sports Clubs and Societies

Sports and Societies can be a great way to make friends – it doesn’t need to be competitive! All our Sports Clubs include a social aspect, so you can take it easy off the field. If you’d rather just get to know some people over coffee, joining a Society is a great way to do that. They’re not all full on, our Societies include everything from gaming to academic interests, so there’s something for everyone.

Get Involved
University students in leadership class


Are you absolutely itching to make a difference in Huddersfield and beyond? Join one of our Campaign Networks and meet with students of diverse backgrounds to challenge inequality. Today, we change life on campus, tomorrow – the world!


Ease your mind

Our Advice Centre have some great resources to help you find the beauty in the things around you.

Finding a study spot

It might be stressful trying to find a spot in the Library to study, but luckily, there are loads of quiet spots around town to use as a study nook.

Bored inside?

If you fancy venturing out, why not check out our map to the greatest sights in the area?


Don’t worry if you feel like you haven’t seen enough to get you excited yet.

Below is a gallery of some of our favourite images of campus, events and Huddersfield in general to get you in the mood for Welcome Festival.

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